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Blood Circulation Formula


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Blood Circulation Formula

Ginkgo biloba …………................... 10mg
Polyscias fruticosa extract ….......... 10mg
 Leonurus japonicus extract ......... 150mg
Additon : Lactose, tact, starch, erythrosine lake, activated carbonIndications:

This product assists blood-purifying teas to work more efficiently. Help to increase brain performance, reduce symptoms of headache and peripheral circulatory insufficiency.

Appilcation symptoms:
-       People who have brain circulatory insufficiency with symptions of tiredness, headache, dizziness,  loss of balance, insomnia, memory loss, depression.
-       People who have peripheral circulatory insufficiency with symptoms of  discontinuous pains, painful muscles,numb legs and arms, retinal disease due to general lack of blood.
-       People who have atherosclerosis, cerebral vascular accident

How to use:
-       Adults: 2-4 tablets/time,  3 times/day.
-       Children: 1-2 tablets/time, 3 times/day.

Warning: This product is not medicine and does not work in replacement of medicine. 
Caution: Does not use for pregnant and breastfeeding women, people who are blood bleeding (peptic ulcer, petechial fever…)
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. 
Standard: TC02-2012/TAP
Reg. No 10079/2012/YT-CNTC

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